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Due to the need to regularly upgrade the OOI Data Portal, please note that a regularly scheduled maintenance window has been established between 4-5pm Eastern time on weekdays.  Users can suggest data they would like the portal to be linked to, give feedback on the quality of data obtainable and share information with other users about how they have used it. Most data accessible via the EU Open Data Portal are covered by the Europa Legal Notice 3 and can be reused free of charge, for commercial and non-commercial purposes, provided that the source is acknowledged. Specific conditions on reuse, related mostly to the protection of third-party intellectual property rights, apply for a very limited amount of data.C40 began partnering with CDP (formerly The Carbon Disclosure Project) in June 2011 to bring self-reported data from the world`s largest cities into a comprehensive report on cities` greenhouse gas emissions and climate risk data.  The portal contains a very wide variety of high-value open data across EU policy domains, as also more recently identified by the G8 Open Data Charter. In addition to giving access to datasets, the portal also is an easy entry point to a whole range of visualisation applications using EU data. The applications are displayed as much for their information value as for giving examples of what applications can be made using the data. The portal is built using open source solutions such as the Drupal content management system and CKAN , the data catalogue software developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation It uses Virtuoso as an RDF database and has a SPARQL endpoint.Popular CKAN extensions ‘Archiver` and ‘QA` have recently been significantly upgraded.  Is a research prototype of a pan-European data catalogue and federation mechanism, developed as part of the FP7-funded LOD2 project. Based on CKAN, the site is developed as a use case and an early adopter of the LOD2 linked data stack technologies. The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) registry is a central repository for aid spending data published with the IATI standard.The city of Berkeley has officially launched a new website featuring 17 data sets related to everything from municipal water usage and employee salaries to crime heat maps, energy consumption, restaurant inspections, registered business licenses and much more. Funding organizations can easily publish their activity files - making their data readily discoverable and accessible via the web interface and JSON API. DataGM provides a data catalog for Greater Manchester, a metropolitan county made up of 10 metropolitan boroughs. It also includes Transport for Greater Manchester, the Police and the Fire and Rescue Service. The data may be used by citizens, businesses, universities, academies, research facilities or municipal administration. There are only a few datasets of the largest government departments on the government open data portal. Positioning your mouse pointer over graph data points and bars will reveal data values.The European Union has finally unveiled its Open Data Portal that will allow public sector organisations from 32 European countries to share data between themselves. Recently the Dutch government released an upgrade of its open data portal ( ). This national open data portal consists of 3,623 datasets of the Central Bureau of Statistics and 2,560 datasets of the National Georegistry and 345 datasets from government departments, municipalities and other governmental agencies. Also local and regional governments have not find their way to the national government open data portal.
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Half of the datasets are from the government departments and 141 datasets from only 13 cities can be found on this open data portal. The Ministry of Interior, the coordinating department for open data, added this year 10 new datasets to the portal. The Ministry of Health, one of the largest departments, has only 6 datasets linked from the portal. The company has created 80%-90% of all the open data portals in the U.S. public sector, she said.This survey forms part of a larger activity whose objective is to develop an Open Data Portal to provide a central point of harmonised access to mature Essential Climate Variable (ECV) datasets produced as part of ESA`s Climate Change Initiative (CCI) programme. The CCI Open Data Portal will be operated in parallel to the data access mechanisms already provided by each CCI project, and is intended to compliment and unify the work of the individual CCI teams. The CCI Open Data Portal will act as a shop window” for the CCI programme (explore, discover and access data, request support, share and collaborate through the on-line community…).This User Requirements survey is a key element of the development of the Open Data Portal, facilitating engagement and gathering information from potential end users. Data tables can be exported to Excel by right-clicking on a selected table and selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. Also, right-clicking allows data tables to be printed, and page settings can be modified through the print preview option. May 2015 update: The Data Portal continues to be updated with the latest data from the most recent available academic year (2013-14).Contaminants, biological effects and biological community data are made available through the DOME web portal (Database on Oceanography and Marine Ecosystems). This portal has a map visualisation function using the Google API, as well as the ability to download individual dataset files. Fish Trawl Survey datasets collected in connection with the Data Collection Framework (EU-DCF) are managed under the DATRAS portal. This portal has an upload and screening facility, as well as downloads of a number of fisheries related data products. It provides an overview and download of available fish egg and larvae survey data collected.Eggs and Larvae database makes available data collected by ichthyoplankton surveys for use by ICES and the wider marine community. To report on those cases where the situation of a given country does not match the definitions provided on the document Guidelines for Monthly Statistics Data Collection and on the ENTSO-E Metadata Repository , a document on specific national considerations is made available. Users are requested to complete the Registration Form for Public Data Files (found on the right hand menu) when they first begin using the data portal.