City Of Berkeley Unveils New Open Data Portal

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berkeleyCity Of Berkeley Unveils New Open Data Portal
More than one-third of the data sets planned for release on the city`s portal in the last 17 months were not released at all or had their deadline pushed back. Information from this form will be used to provide registered users with news on when additional public data becomes available and when corrections are made to existing public data. The information gathered will not be used for any purposes other than to send notices about GFDL Data Portal Services. The Global Organization for Earth System Science Portal (GO-ESSP) is a collaboration designed to build the infrastructure needed to create web portals to provide observed and simulated data to the climate and weather communities. The California Department of Public Health first made the data portal public in August 2014.Maps can be produced for the following quantities: Annual Amplitude, Annual Phase, RMS (Temporal), RMS about the Annual Cycle, Trend, and Monthly Anomaly (with respect to static field). The infrastructure created within GO-ESSP will provide a flexible framework of front-end and back-end software components. The Data Portal serves as a platform to engage all stakeholders in the five coastal Mid-Atlantic states, putting all of the essential data and state-of-the-art mapping and visualization technology into the hands of the agencies, industry, community leaders, and stakeholders engaged in ocean planning.The City of Hazelwood has partnered with Socrata, the world leader in cloud solutions for open data and data-driven government, in launching an Open Budget Data Portal which will help improve transparency by providing residents with a guided view through the City`s 2015-16 Budget.  The Web portal , launched by the California Health and Human Services agency, aims to improve public health through data-based research or innovations. The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, which has a long history of releasing datasets, later joined the portal (Gorn, California Healthline , 11/4/14). The data portal incorporates a USA Search component, which provides comprehensive search capability of the content included on each website. OOI Net permits 24/7 connectivity to bring sustained ocean observing data to a user any time, any place.With the Rutland City Police Department`s new data portal that went live Monday, anyone can search for information about such things as police use of force or community involvement. The new portal has enhanced functionality such as add and view data on the map (single or multiple datasets), the ability to view data attributes, ability to clip-zip-ship raster data for your area of interest, add data as WMS layer in ArcMap or user Web-map applications, perform quick measurements, and view coordinates. Provide feedback on the new portal at clearinghouse@ If you have suggestions for new datasets that you want to see on RGIS let us know. Anyone with an internet connection can create a login on OOINet and access OOI data.A parts data wizard has made the integration of product data into the Eplan Data Portal much easier.  The OOI CI provides a common operating infrastructure, the OOI system software (OOI Net), to connect and enable the coordination of operations of the OOI marine components (Global, Coastal, and Cabled Arrays) with the scientific and educational pursuits of oceanographic research communities. This short video presents a quick overview of the data portal and how to log in. It also shows you how to browse the list of OOI sites, select a data stream, set up a plot, and download a dataset. And getting those data extractions to update automatically: It`s a big effort,” she said.
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Each dataset has a handy about” section that features not only additional information about what the data includes, but also a direct way to contact the owner of the data to find answers to specific questions. Donna LaSala, the city`s outgoing director of information technology, said the city`s commitment to transparency and open government drove the effort to create the portal.There are many features on each page, related to social media sharing, different ways of viewing the data and different ways to manipulate it, but the interface is user friendly for those who want to explore it. The city partnered with Socrata, a company that made a name for itself by launching the White House`s open data portal. They spent hundreds of hours building, testing, and tuning the data portal based upon community feedback,” according to a statement released by the city Thursday about the launch.She said the biggest challenge that arose as a result of the effort was to get the city`s existing data into a format that could be fed into the new portal. That was particularly challenging due to the city`s legacy systems,” which are used for different types of data collection and storage. Taking a 1980s system and making it integrate with a modern open data portal, it takes a lot of programming work. As improvements are made, it should be easier to get the city`s data into formats that can be more easily shared with the public.Lasala said former City Manager Christine Daniel estimated in 2010 that it would cost about half a million dollars over numerous years to update the legacy systems and replace them with modern software. When the bill was passed, advocates fought hard for some sort of compliance mechanism so there would be a way to put pressure on delinquent agencies to release data.Community members can sign up to receive email alerts when new data is added to the Berkeley site, by clicking the orange RSS feed button at the top of the list of data sets, and can also submit suggestions for data sets they would like to see included, as well as feedback about what`s already available. Wake me up when BUSD finally starts posting salary data like every other school district in the state.
Some of the data sets cover a particular time period — such as those for employee salaries for 2011-13 — while others, such as the police calls for service heat maps, will update automatically to include the most recent six months of data. So, aside from some configuration, this looks like a CSV dump into someone else`s data sink. It had the highest national traffic to its own open data portal in Europe with 175,400 visitors a month.The portal will bring together public data from all over Europe into one central place, holding 240,000 datasets from the participating countries, and over 13 content categories ranging from health to transport to justice. The portal will enable citizens, businesses, journalists or administrations to search, access and re-use the full data for any purpose. In a study carried out by the European Data Portal team, the market for open data is expected to grow by 36.9 per cent to €75.7 billion by 2020. However, the UK leads the way with solid open data practices, according to the report.The report also said that the EU28+ countries had completed just 44 per cent of the journey towards achieving full open data maturity, but there are large discrepancies across countries. The report also said that the effective use of Open Data could help save 629 million hours of unnecessary waiting time on the roads in the EU, and help reduce energy consumption by 16 per cent. The accumulated cost savings for public administrations making use of Open Data across the EU28+ in 2020 are predicted to equal €1.7 billion, the EU claimed. Since the city`s landmark Open Data Law was passed in 2012, city agencies have released more than 1,400 data sets through the NYC OpenData portal.It`s good Bill de Blasio the public advocate didn`t start a letter-grading system on how agencies comply with the Open Data Law because right now his Office of the Mayor would probably get a D. As de Blasio wraps up his second year in office, City Limits took a look under the hood of the city`s open data initiative, a program — and philosophy — the mayor championed as public advocate, during his campaign and to this day. Despite all that, getting agencies to release new data sets, and to update that data as they are supposed to, is still a problem. The data was released late, on October 21, 2014 and has not been updated once in the past 13 months.But still, that means more than one-third of the data sets planned for release in the last 17 months were not released at all or had their deadline pushed back. The Office of the Mayor was supposed to release Clean Heat program data on every boiler on August 1, 2014 and every month after. John Kaehny, executive director of good government group Reinvent Albany, says the city needs to shake up its staffing, and let the public sue if agencies aren`t releasing data. This effect can in part be reduced by applying gain factors to the filtered data.